Custom WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress plugin development serves more as a program or even a function that allows adding services and features to your current WordPress development platform. Thus, plugin development provides you with the possibility to integrate WordPress websites for users easily and methodically. In Flexi IT, we can extend your website’s functionality by using wp content plugins, creating a new plugin, or configuring PHP functions. We provide high-quality plugin development depending on your business requirements.

WordPress plugin development services we provide

WordPress plugin development.

To get started, we can develop custom WordPress plugins from scratch, so you can use them for adding unique functionalities to your site or selling your products to the customers

WordPress plugin customization

Have some problems with the existing custom functionality of your WordPress widget plugins, creating a plugin, or the main plugin file? Our WordPress plugin development team will help you create a WordPress plugin of your dream.

UX design.

In S.K.A. we can equip your WordPress plugin with native interactions. That allows even average WordPress users who have fundamental or no development skills to work with the PHP plugin efficiently

UX design.

In S.K.A. we can equip your WordPress plugin with native interactions. That allows even average WordPress users who have fundamental or no development skills to work with the PHP plugin efficiently

Integration with third-party software

Are you considering providing your WordPress plugin with payment gateways or integrating APIs from different external services? Our experienced WordPress developers will make sure that the job is done correctly

WordPress plugin upgrade.

Whether you need to check the main plugin file or update your first plugin to make it compatible with the new WordPress version, our plugin development services can excel at everything.

WordPress plugin maintenance.

Of course, we can create a plugin you want, but also we offer the support of your WordPress core plugins. Our WordPress developers will take a look at whether each PHP plugin corresponds to the latest WordPress versions and provide smooth performance

What are the key stages of custom WordPress plugin development?

Even the smallest plugins require developers to spend many hours thinking, designing and developing. Also, they require thorough quality control management. Here are the major stages of the effective WordPress plugin development process that S.K.A. Solution developers use to deliver what the client is looking for:


Our team collects and analyzes your requirements to understand your business goals and customer needs better.


At S.K.A. we pay attention to all details necessary for creating an appropriate development strategy.


Considering your best interests and applying the Agile methodology, our WordPress developers can get started.


Our QA professionals probe and inspect your WordPress plugins. That helps ensure the desired bug-free results


Reiterating and refining the job, we make sure that your WordPress plugins satisfy your requirements and expectations.


Backing by professional hands and the leading plugin development practices, we bring your dreamed plugin to life.

Plugin Projects

CruiseSwift: Your Ultimate Taxi Booking Solution

Introducing CruiseSwift, the premier taxi booking plugin designed to streamline your transportation needs. Whether you’re a business looking to offer seamless ride bookings or an individual seeking reliable taxi services, CruiseSwift has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • Easy Booking Process: With CruiseSwift, customers can effortlessly fill in their destination and pickup points. The intuitive interface ensures a smooth user experience, making bookings a breeze.

  • Accurate Fare Calculation: Our plugin features precise fare calculation, taking into account distance, time, and other relevant factors to provide an accurate estimate for your journey.

  • Seamless Booking Confirmation: Once the details are entered, CruiseSwift handles the rest, confirming the booking instantly and ensuring a hassle-free process from start to finish.

  • Multi-Channel Notifications: Stay informed with real-time updates via email and WhatsApp. Customers receive timely notifications about their bookings, ensuring they are always in the loop.

  • Fully Customizable: Tailor CruiseSwift to meet your specific needs. From branding to functionality, our plugin offers extensive customization options to fit perfectly into your existing systems.

Elevate your taxi booking experience with CruiseSwift. Enjoy the convenience, reliability, and efficiency that our plugin brings to your transportation services.

Ready to transform the way you book taxis? Choose CruiseSwift today!