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As part of our software development life cycle, once our clients tell us a little about the project, we begin industry research and technical exploration. We discuss the project requirements with clients and finalize them. We then agree upon a timeframe and budget for software delivery. All stakeholders are also updated by means of weekly discussion meetings. Once the coding phase is complete, we deploy the application and check it against strict quality assurance measures.

The development team can provide frequent operational support for both in-house projects or those developed with external vendors. We can also make design changes and provide upgrades without affecting other parts of the software.

We can handle all types of software projects as well as help our clients with SEO and Digital Marketing. The company’s specialization includes full-stack software development, mobile and web application development, SEO, and social media content marketing.

You can view a prototype as a way of gaining an overview of how a design concept would look in real-world operational environments. The screens and interfaces are designed interactively, without doing any development work. Compared to software development on a large scale, prototype designing is an extremely low-cost task. This allows the stakeholders to have a better sense of the bigger picture that lies ahead.

The professionals at SKA sloution mostly use Skype and Zoom for online meetings. Globalization has made this a new norm and thus we are able to communicate with clients remotely. You can book your meeting with us by email, via contact form, or by giving us a direct call.

A business’s nature is partly responsible for answering this question. Getting both mobile and web versions would be the ideal option. If it is more robust and has operations that require greater convenience, then companies may choose mobile applications. When the work is more office-based, web applications can do the job. 

Initial consultation sessions are free. During the process, we will talk about how to implement the project and what the prerequisites are. No strings attached. That would be a no-cost offering. 

Prototypes usually cost 10% of the overall software development budget. It varies considerably based on factors like business niche and interface requirements. 

Our software development packages aren’t predefined. Please contact us to discuss custom research and proposals for your project. 

Getting our clients to generate revenue is our favorite aspect of marketing. If you wish to hire us for digital marketing and SEO, we will market your product and deliver you a likely Return on Investment. Customers can be in touch directly with our digital marketers, so they know how things go with their campaign and services.

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