ir. Kay C. Eiloof

Project Management Head

CEO and Project Manager at S.K.A. Solutions. A civil engineer specializing in Construction Management. I
have been utilizing my engineering and management skills to lead a team for brand development and eCommerce projects. Aside from my active work, I am keeping up with the new developments within
Asset Management & Maintenance, while also enriching my knowledge in Skin Care and Antiaging. I am detail-oriented and always curious to learn the unknown.
My background in Construction Management and Engineering has given me the edge to:
– Run projects effectively and efficiently economically wise;
– Adapt well to the new course of action within a project;
– Pay attention to details, with the emphasis on studying legal requirements for the
implementation of projects;
– Consider the requirements of all concerning parties within a project;
– Hands-on design constructions and analysis data using tools such as BIM 5D, Simulation tools,
Python, MATLAB.


Project Manager
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